2020, the year in review

2020 was a crazy year! I think we speak for everybody on this one. Obviously, COVID-19 had a lot of impact on all of us. As we don’t want to give much more emphasis on that topic, we focus on the amazing things that happened this year! As 2020 marks the year that I quit my day job and started full-time with Hyprints. We teamed up with some amazing businesses and individuals, we launched a bunch of new products, we upgraded our packaging, and gave our website some major facelifts. Here are some more stats of the year:

We dressed up over 500 wallsHyprints 2020 in review

This year we dressed up over 500 walls with Hyprints! We are simply stunned by the number of prints we send out this year and absolutely feel blessed with you as our customers! We hope that our prints got a nice little spot in your house and put a smile on your face every time you see it!

The bestsellers of 2020 are:Hyprints 2020 in review

Our 3-year anniversary print “Reflective Companion, a tribute to KAWS” is the number 1 bestseller of 2020! Followed by our “We Breathe Air” print and our “Holland’s Finest” print. Which print did you cop this year?

We launched 48 new productsHyprints 2020 in review

This year we decided to get the Hyprints machine rolling and added a staggering 48 new products to our shop. Most of them are our default A3 prints, but next to that we also launched our first sticker pack (more stickers coming in 2021), A4 sized prints, and 5 limited edition prints!

We created 80 custom printsHyprints 2020 in review

Our own selection of prints is obviously great already. But sometimes people are looking for that little extra extra! This year we created 80 custom prints, each and every one unique in its own way. Are you looking for something personalized for you or your loved ones? Check out our selection of pre-made custom prints or ask for the possibilities here.

We had 2 community challengesHyprints 2020 in review

As we want to spark creativity amongst you guys, we launched 2 community challenges this year. The first one, at the beginning of 2020, was an Air Max 1 coloring page. The second one was our crafty Paper Max 1! The two challenges together have been downloaded more than 700 times! That means that we’ve inspired over 700 people to do something creative. How awesome is that?

Special milestones of 2020Hyprints 2020 in review

As we stated in the intro of this page, we came across new milestones this year. In February, we created and ordered custom made packaging, which was an absolute upgrade of the shipping tubes we used before. In April, I quitted my day job and went full power for Hyprints. And in September we had our 3 year anniversary, and launched a limited edition print to celebrate!

We hope you liked this little recap of 2020! This year was a rollercoaster, and it has been a hell of a ride. We hope you look back at 2020 with a bittersweet smile on your face. Now it’s time to party and kick off a (hopefully) better year! A special thank you to all businesses and individuals who believed in and collaborated with us this year.