Pre-order now: FAWL x Hyprints Breda city print

On July 18th, FAWL customs’ shop in Breda will be exactly one year old. To celebrate this, we teamed up with FAWL and created a limited edition Breda sneaker print. We’ve already created the Amsterdam en Rotterdam prints in the past, and the anniversary of FAWL is the perfect occasion to add the city of Breda to that list. The print is already available for pre-order, and you have the ability to pick it up during the anniversary celebration!

This collaboration did not come out of thin air. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with FAWL, as we already did an awesome collab last year, and our prints have been hanging in the Breda shop since day 1. Freek’s (FAWL) shop is a dream for every sneakerhead. Sneakers can be found in all shapes and sizes, from customs to vintage to hype. Clothing, accessories, and collectibles are being sold there as well. Besides that, Freek also does sneaker cleaning, customizations, and workshops!

This new Breda city print displays a pair of red OG Air Max 1’s, seemingly laying on the ground. The laces spell ‘076’, Breda’s city code, and compose two windows through which several monuments of the city can be seen. There are multiple layers of perspective, resulting in a trick of the mind – an optical illusion so to say. Breda is a historical city, something you can actually feel when walking around there. Therefore we chose to stay close to this feeling and brought forward an abundance of brown shades, without diminishing the modern look of the print.

The design is printed on 250 g/m² A3-sized paper and is limited to 75 copies. Every print is numbered by hand. The print is now available for pre-order on our webshop and can be picked up during the anniversary celebration on July 18th. Can’t make it? No problem, we will send out the first shipment on July 20th.

See you on the 18th!

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