Hyprints Photo Contest

Heya, welcome to the Hyprints Photo Contest! Creativity is in our DNA and now it’s your turn to step it up! The challenge is simple: Take one of our products, make an original setup, shoot a picture, and share it on Instagram!


  • The contest starts Saturday, January 15th
  • The contest ends Sunday, January 30th
  • At least 1 Hyprints product should be included and in focus
  • Post the picture on your Instagram feed and/or story
  • Tag your entry with @hyprints and #hyprintsphotocontest
  • We handpick the 1st price winner
  • We will have the public vote for the 2nd price winner
  • All contestants will receive a participatory price
  • By submitting your picture, you authorize Hyprints to use it for marketing purposes
  • We will always credit the creator, always
  • Prices may never be reimbursed for money


  • 1st price: 2 prints of your choice from the Hyprints store
  • 2nd price: 1 print of your choice from the Hyprints store
  • Participatory price: 30% discount on selected prints

Tips & Tricks:

  • We make homegoods, taking a picture in an interior makes most sense
  • Photographing a print in a frame? Take out the glass for less reflection
  • Daylight is your best friend, we recommend taking a picture during the day
  • You don’t necessarily need professional equipment, a phone will do just fine
  • Combine your setup with sneakers and/or other art


Hyprints Photo Contest