Hyprints Photo Contest

Get creative and win a print!

Hyprints photo contest

1. Photograph and post

Take an original picture of your print and post it on your Instagram feed. Don’t forget to tag @hyprints and use #hyprints in the caption. Let’s get creative!

Hyprints photo contest

2. Win a Hyprint for free

We handpick our favourite shots on Instagram. Every winner may select an available print from our webshop. Read all terms & conditions below.

How it works

Do you want to win a print for free? It’s simple really. Welcome to the Hyprints Photo Contest! We handpick our favorite photo on Instagram that contains one of our products. The winner may select an available print from our webshop. Let’s get creative!

We announce the winner on our Instagram page, the winner will be contacted personally as well.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Ground rules

  • Post the picture on your Instagram feed;
  • A Hyprints product should be clearly visible and can’t be out of focus;
  • Tag @hyprints in the photo;
  • Use @hyprints and #hyprints in the caption;
  • You may enter the contest, with different pictures, as many times as you want;
  • By entering, you give Hyprints permission to use your photo for marketing and commercial purposes;
  • The print may not be reimbursed for money.
Nike off white blazer hyprints sneaker art
Hyprints photo contest
Hyprints photo contest